Absolute Motion

About Us

Under the leadership of Johann Wykerd, who have be instrumental in the development of some of the very best cyclist South Africa has ever produced since 2000, the Absolute Motion coaching team has no shortage of experience. 

When the concept of coaching cyclists and triathletes to go faster and further was still only theory, Johann was doing it already.

•We expect our clients to strive to be better than yesterday and we expect exactly the same from ourselves

•We are consistently in pursuit of more knowledge to help you go faster and further

.•The Absolute Motion Coaching team uses the latest proven technology to communicate, track and report on your journey to go faster and further

•Through constant communication relationships are formed

•Relationships are the foundation for trust

 •Trust is the glue that binds athlete and coach to enable the coach to assist the athlete to achieve their goals.

•When you do all the hard work you want to know if you are improving.

•Constantly measuring and reporting on your progress and then re-aligning your journey is a critical step in what allows us to get consistent results.

The Cambridge English Dictionary define the word achieve as

“to succeed in finishing something or reaching a goal, especially after a lot of work or effort”

The is the purpose of the journey we are on, to assist you in achieve your desired cycling or triathlon goal. 

“Beat yesterday by going faster and further”

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