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Hilton College has graciously allowed us to develop a network of trails on the Hilton College Estate for the use of mountain bikers and trail runners. The network of trails allows for more than 30 km of exciting mountain biking or trail running and at this time is continually evolving.

Access to Hilton College are for permit holders only. Day visitors must go to Absolute Motion and fill out a form for a day permit. This is private property and we ask all users to comply with the rules of the property and instructions given by the Hilton College personal as deemed necessary. These rules and instructions are to ensure the continuous use of the estate for mountain bikers and trail runners as well as for your safety.

Access to the estate is only permissible through the main Hilton College Gate and the Hilton College Security officers will check the validity of your permit before allowing you access to the estate. Access through any other point is not allowed and by accessing Hilton College in any other way will result in a permit holders’ permit being revoked as he/she will be trespassing and these individuals will be prosecuted as per the stipulations of section 1 of the Trespass Act 6 of 1959.


To get your trail permit, please read the terms and conditions below and click YES, “I accept the terms and conditions,” to complete the online form.


  • It is privilege to be allowed access to the Hilton College property. Please respect the environment and others who make use of this space.
  • Access to the property is through the main school gate only.
  • Each person will sign in and sign out at the main school gate.
  • Cycling and Running access is only permitted with a valid permit that is visibly attached or displayed.
  • NO dogs are allowed.
  • Cycling and running only permitted on roads and tracks in the plantation.
  • Please do not access the grassland areas on the property.
  • For good reason DO NOT share permits with others.
  • Hilton College reserves the right to close the property for management reasons – specifically on high fire danger days (Orange and Red), and during times of heavy or prolonged periods of rainfall.
  • Should the property be closed we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.
  • Estate rules are to be adhered to at all times. See link below:    http://www.hiltoncollege.com/estate/nature-reserve/
  • Lost Trail Permits – Please pay R 30 to receive a new permit.


The Hiltonian Society accepts no responsibility for death, injury, or illness sustained by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any property, occurring within or arising from cycling or visiting on the Hilton College Estate however caused, and whether allegedly due to the negligence of the Society or any of its servants or agents, or arising from the use of the facilities supplied or made available.

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Hilton College Trails

All trails are built and maintained by Absolute Motion and any trail comments and/or suggestions can be addressed to Johann on life@absolutemotion.co.za

The trails are accessible through the electronic gate to the right once you have gone through the main Hilton College Security gate.

Hilton College has two main trail areas, i.e. Beacons and Pinnacles. Beacons is the larger trail network and a bit more moderate than Pinnacles. Access to the Pinnacle trails are via a trail through the grass and reserve that starts just outside of the Workshop Security Gate.

Accessing the Pinnacles trails through the Hilton College campus is not allowed.

All trails are clearly marked

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